Facts and information about Moringa


African Moringa 100% leaf powder is used widely, ranging from combating malnutrition among children in Africa to strengthening the immune system of AIDS patients in various parts of the world.

What is Moringa Powder?

The leaves of the Moringa Oleifera tree are dried and powdered to create Moringa Leaf Powder. This powder is classified a food supplement because it is taken to add nutrients to food. As one of the most nutrient-rich plants it is classified as a super food.Moringa Powder

It is “NEW” to most people in the Western world, but an ancient source of nutrition, medicine and other benefits in countries around the tropics and the Middle-East and Africa.

Just like Cabbage it is known by different names, like Mulanggay – in the Philippines. Some websites have collected more than 200 names in various languages. There are 13 known variants, and more may be discovered in especially the area of the Horn of Africa where further exploration is hampered by war.

What makes Moringa so special?

Many foods contain many nutrients, but few match the Moringa for its range of nutrients. It is classified as a “Super Food”, a label reserved for foods with exceptional nutritional value for humans.

Being so rich in nutrients makes it the ideal food supplement. This is important, Moringa is a food, taken in a supplement form to provide nutrients that we no longer get from many commercial foods. Often soil is so depleted that one potato today has 20% of the nutritional value it would have had 50 years ago in the same patch of soil – but do you want to eat 5 potatoes to be well fed?

The leaf powder is a food-state source of nutrients – meaning your body recognizes the natural nutrients for what they are.  This means Moringa nutrients have a high bio-availability, that is, the body recognizes and uses the nutrients.

Moringa as Medicine

Medicine often contains substances the body needs but does not have. Moringa provides a host of what the body needs to operate optimally. Moringa is used to treat many conditions or diseased in Ayurvedic Medicine as well as other traditional systems. The Roots, seeds, leaves and flowers are used for this purpose. Since prevention is better than cure, Moringa Leaf Powder offers a simple way to maintain a steady supply of nutrients the body needs to keep itself healthy.

Please use Moringa under medical supervision if you wish to use it medicinally.

Africa and Health

Looking at statistics, health remains a challenge in Africa -because disease is so prevelant. While this may seem obvious, the solution is not considered for the same reason: People need to eat correctly to have strong bodies capable of maintaining health. With cheaper and self-sustainable preventative nutrition, more expensive and reactive alopathic care becomes less necessary.

Moringa offers an ideal dietary supplement that may be ‘packaged’ as

  • Moringa fortification or Moringa fortified foods (dry or wet)
  • Pure Moringa food supplements
  • Moringa herbal mixtures


Some of the acknowledged benefits:

      • Boosts energy with enduring effects
      • Kills intestinal worms
      • Stabilizes blood pressure
      • Moderates anxiety
      • Controls glucose levels in diabetes
      • Improves the functioning of the reproduction system and the growth of tissues
      • Strengthens the immune system and helps to heal cuts, scrapes, and rashes as well as other signs of aging

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